2020 Pork Congress Exhibitor List

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Exhibitors 2020


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
40 Square 417 Website
A. J. O’Mara Group 429 Website
Action TrackPorter 425 Website
ADA Enterprises, Inc. 348 Website
ADM Animal Nutrition 440 Website
Advanced Composting Technologies 309 Website
Ag Property Solutions 132 Website
Ag Tech Security 605 Website
Agricultural Utilization Research Institute – AURI 516 Website
Agri-Tech Enterprises 542 Website
Alkota Cleaning Systems, Inc 314 Website
All America Pressure Washers 432 Website
Altenburg Construction Slat Replacement 114 Website
American Agra Curtains 611 Website
American Resources/ROTECNA 315 Website
Anez Consulting, Inc. 111 Website
Animal Health International 621 Website
AP-Automated Production Systems 148 Website
ArKco Sales, Inc 318 Website
Aurora Pharmaceutical 351 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Babcock Genetics, Inc 120 Website
Balzer, Inc. 552 Website
Barn Vista 319 Website
Bazooka Farmstar 545 Website
Bimeda 609 Website
Bioverse, Inc 239 Website
Blue Horizon Energy 624 Website
Boehringer Ingelheim 544 Website
Boss Supply, Inc 539 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Calyxt, Inc 142 Website
Central Confinement Service, Ltd 341 Website
Chore-Time (PigTek) 238 Website
CIH- Commodity & Ingredient Hedging 144 Website
Comfort-Zone Cellulose Insulation 519 Website
Compart’s Boar Store, Inc 332 Website
Courtland Waste Handling Inc. 424 Website
Crystal Spring Hog Equipment/Gro Master 124 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
D & D Distributing 205 (320) 808-7327
Devenish Nutrition 555 Website
DNA Genetics 220 Website
Doda 208 Website
Double L Group 105 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Easy Automation Inc 615 Website
EasyFix 228 Website
EIP Manufacturing LLC 444 Website
Elanco 104 Website
Energy Panel Structures, Inc 410 Website
Engineered Products Company 328 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Farmweld 325 Website
FarrPro 533 Website
Fast Genetics 306 Website
Form-A-Feed 409 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Gasolec America 643 Website
GenePro Inc 250 Website
Genesus Genetics 508 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Hanson Silo Company 138 Website
Hawk Alarm Systems 218 Website
Hawkins 528 Website
Heartland Builders Co 226 Website
HerdStar LLC 232 Website
Hog Slat 320 Website
Hormel Foods 210 Website
Hubbard Feeds 308 Website
Hurley & Associates 207 Website
Hydro Engineering, Inc. 248 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
IMV Technologies/IMV Imaging 131 Website
Innovative Heating Technologies 240 Website
ISG 224 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
J&L Wire 241 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info





Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Lange Ag Systems 135 Website
LB White 230 Website
Lynch Livestock Inc 106 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Manitoba Pork Council 507 Website
Maximum Ag Technologies 518 Website
Merck Animal Health 304 Website
MetaFarms, Inc. 607 Website
Micro Applied Genetics 140 Website
Midwest Livestock Systems, Inc. 349 Website
Minitube USA, Inc 339 Website
Minnesota Board of Animal Health 307 Website
Minnesota Farm Bureau 407 Website
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 130 Website
Minnesota Pork Board 634 Website
Minnesota Pork Board Media 151 Website
Minnesota Pork Producers Association 214 Website
Minnesota Propane Association 204 Website
Motomco 115 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
National Pork Board 640 Website
National Pork Producers Council 214 Website
Nedap Livestock Management 231 Website
Nooyen 427 Website
Northern Lakes Slat Repair and Replacement 154 Website
Novel Energy Solutions/Kaehler for Congress 2020 639 Website
NutriQuest 414 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Once, Inc 119 Website
Osborne Industries, Inc 411 Website
PALS 420 Website
Perkins Lumber, Inc. 418 Website
Pharmgate Animal Health 538 Website
Phibro Animal Health 415 Website
PIC 524 Website
PigCHAMP 117 Website
PigEasy, LLC 645 Website
Prairie Livestock Supply 527 Website
Prairie Pride by PWA 344 Website
PrairiE Systems 324 Website
Protekta 121 Website
Puck Enterprises 103 Website
Purina Animal Nutrition 504 Website
QC Supply 116 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Ralco  242 Website
Red Rock Holdings 419 Website
Renewal by Andersen 113 Website
Rush River Steel 525 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Schick Enterprises 139 Website
SDI 548 Website
Sharp Industries   Website
Skarpohl Pressure Washer Inc 406 Website
Smithfield 221 Website
Soppe Systems, Inc 333 Website
Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc 448 Website
Sudenga Industries, Inc. 652 Website
Superior Concrete 532 Website
Swine Robotics, Inc. 123 Website
Swine Safety Designs, LLC 511 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
TechMix LLC 514 Website
Thorp Equipment 338 Website
Tonisity 633 Website
Topigs Norsvin USA 108 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
United Animal Health 217 Website
University of Minnesota 454 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
VAL-CO 245 Website
Ventilation Trailer & Workshops 358 Website
Vet Sales EZ Preg Checkers 426 Website
Virox Animal Health 243 Website
Vita Plus Corporation 206 Website
Vosterman’s Ventilation, Inc 451 Website


Exhibitor Name Booth(s) More Info
Wieser Concrete 431 Website
Ziegler CAT 252 Website
Zoetis 305 Website